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Dietitian Cyprus

Jean-Philippe RICAU
Registered Dietician
Kalamatas 12, Nicosia
Tel: 22510093

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- 1st consultation only at €30

    instead of the regular €35

- package of 3 follow-up
  consultations at €60

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A well balanced Diet plays an enormous part in our health. As you might have experienced it already, using some of the numerous self-administered diets is too often resulting in adding more kilos instead of losing weight.

I, your personal dietician, will assist you to get back in shape, lose definitely these few kilos that don't want to disappear and contribute to your well-being.

Cyprus, like other EU countries, faces important health issues and we need the leadership from dietetic professionals.

A qualified dietician with his knowledge, experience and skills will point you in the right direction and keep you there.

A healthy diet is a major factor to control your weight and improve your health & well-being.

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Diet Recipes

In this section, you'll discover our new, easy to prepare and healthy recipes. We take the eating traditions in Cyprus into account. Check often for updates.

Why use a dietician?

A dietician will advise you on dietary and nutrition matters and will help you manage your diet well. Nutrition is the most important thing to consider
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Healthy Eating Strategies

Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love
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Cyprus dietican Client testimonials

What do our Client say?

Marilena: "Jean Philippe helped me lose the 10 kg..."

Mary Ellen: "I have struggled with my weight since..."

J.A. Constantinou: "For many years I was trying to lose 3-5 kg with great effort only to gain them back in just a few weeks until I came to Jean-Philippe..."

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Health Calculators

BMI -The Body Mass Index
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Calories burning Calculator per activity
How many calories do I burn when I do ....

Dietician FAQ


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